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Living As A Team:

By Jason Rodriguez

The old adage goes, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Any great businessperson will tell you that the most important asset for any company is its people. Having a strong bond with your roommates doesn’t mean you have to be close friends. But you should be able to trust each other, rely on each other when you need to, and keep everything safe and comfortable for everyone. That’s why I want to encourage everybody to make some serious investments in getting a good connection down pat with your flatmates.

Here are some things that have worked really well for me and my apartment:


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Keeping It Comfy: Climate Control For Shared Spaces

By Seline Deschamps

Now that we’re changing seasons again, it’s time to switch out your wardrobe, dust off the windowsills, and get all that nice fresh air inside! Spring is a great time to clean out your apartment, and get rid of all that stuffy clutter we seem to attract all winter long. Spring is a great time to make a new start in your apartment, whether it’s reorganizing, repainting, or re-vamping your décor.

The best part of spring is that nearly every day is a good day to open the windows. Mild, breezy air is agreeable to just about everybody.

On the other hand, once spring makes its way out the door, we’re into summer, and another extreme on the thermometer. With that in mind, let’s all take the lift in our spirits to heart, and think about how we’re all going to get through the summer. After all, we all have different heat tolerances, and summer heat can take its toll on the best roommate relationships. Here are a few things to think about:

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Click here to learn more about climate control solutions for shared spaces!

READ MORE in our IDEAS section!



Storage Wars: Week 1
Mikayla Ward

-Milk crates: The Greatest Storage Solution Around

I think milk crates are the cheapest, most versatile storage system you can find-anywhere! Here’s a few ideas for using them around your flat.

-Wardrobes: Crates give you an ideal cubby system . You can stack them in whichever order you prefer, and they’ll fit in any closet.
-They’re super convenient come moving day. All your stuff is already packed, and it’s got handles. What’s not to love?
-They’re good for extra kitchen storage. Stack them near the fridge, or use them in big cabinets to organize pots and pans.
-They even make bookshelves! You can stack them, or make a whole grid.
-Looking for a good place to put tools? Done.
-Need a step stool? You’ve found one.
-Combine milk crates with long boards for shelves! You’ll get cubbies and bookshelves in the same go. This is a great inexpensive solution for A/V equipment. Use the top shelf for a TV and speakers, the middle shelf for a turntable, and the bottom shelf for records and blu-rays.

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